InspireMonday: Life’s True Measure

#InspireMonday with Dr Gbenga Adebayo

Happy Monday!

Buying a shoe gift is oftentimes not a very simple affair.  As many people have come to (painfully) discover simply asking for a size 9 is not enough. You need to be sure if the 9 is “US” or “UK” size. Male 9 or female 9. Your confusion may be compounded further when you discover all the shoes sizes in a particular store are all in double digits with no 9 in sight. This conundrum became very real to me when my younger brother bought me a shoe that I would be able to wear only after I become a giant. It was massively oversized for me. The size written on the giant shoe had thoroughly confused him.

Measurements are important. While a wrong shoe measurement may at worst cause some discomfort or blisters, wrong measurements have been known to cost millions of dollars or even lives. One example was in 1628, when a new warship, Vasa, sank less than a mile into her maiden voyage, with the death of 30 people on board. With its 64 bronze cannons, it was considered by some to be the most powerful warship in the world at that time. Experts who have studied it since it was raised in 1961 say it is asymmetrical, being thicker on the port side than the starboard side. One reason for this could be that the workmen were using different systems of measurement. Archaeologists have found four rulers used by the workmen who built the ship. Two were calibrated in Swedish feet, which had 12 inches, while the other two measured Amsterdam feet, which had 11 inches (BBC). Wrong measurements cost 30 souls.

So today, can you pause and consider what can we say is/are life’s true measure? If we do not have a sense of what we should measure of lives by, we may never experience the true sense of contentment and satisfaction. We may ever be “running” and never attaining. I believe this is an important question to consider and truthfully try to answer.  I would very much like to hear what you think. Please what do you think is life’s true measure? Do feel free to drop your comments below.

Wish you a fruitful week.

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