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“Help me! My manhood is small”

(Published with permission)   Dear Dr. Gbenga, Thanks for your insightful mail which I normally receive as a forward from one of your recipients. I have been able to learn some few things. Applying your recommendations has been very helpful to say the least. I want you to help me out on an issue, though …

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TGIF: The Sex Maniac

Thank God it is Friday! Every Friday I will be posting things I find interesting. I came across this a while back and couldn’t help laughing and also thinking. If you were “Dr. Ruth”, what advise will you give this woman?  

Achieving Intimacy in Your Marriage (Debunking 7 Myths) Part 2

4.       SheMyth: Men always want sex This is arguably a forgivable myth. You have probably heard it said time and time again, “…all men think about is sex”. So you have come to accept it as the truth. That may even be your experience as far as relationships with the opposite sex go. It may …

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Achieving Intimacy in Your Marriage (Debunking 7 Myths) 1

Please permit me to ask you a question: who was your very first instructor on sex? By instructor I mean the very first source that you could understand that opened your mind to what human sexual intercourse is all about.  Your parents? A cousin? A friend? A magazine? A movie? If you are like most …

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