#InspireMonday: Impact

#InspireMonday with Dr Gbenga Adebayo

Happy Monday!

Thanks to everyone that reached out to me to express what they thought was life’s true measure.

I have concluded that we can measure life in 3 different ways. Each of this category of measure have their own importance and significance. They are:

The Duration Measure

This appears to be the most obvious measure. We celebrate long life and generally want to live long. We view our birthdays as milestones worthy of note and celebration.

The Social Measure

Different metrics come under this measure. From medical (life expectancy at birth, maternal mortality, child mortality, access to sanitation etc), to economic (GDP, development index, debt burden, purchasing power etc) and the host of other measures out there; They all seek to describe the quality of life being lived. Social measures are quite important. The world is currently facing a crisis of migrants (economic and otherwise) braving dangerous journeys to seek a better living in countries that have better “social measures” than their own countries.

The Impact Measure

Jesus lived 33 “short” years on earth as a citizen of a country under occupation by a greater power. He was the child of 2 teenage parents who were of humble background. He lived the first 30 years of his life in obscurity. He was not learned and was a carpenter. His hometown was not a glamorous one. In fact, nothing good was expected to come out of where he called home. But the impact of the life of the man called Jesus of Nazareth cannot be quantified. The true measure of life is the impact you make on those around you.

Like Jesus, we can start right where we are. Start with you siblings. Your neighbors. Your co-workers. Resolve to impact their lives. Who knows, you just may turn out to impact the world like Jesus.

When all is said and done. When the veil of death covers the life you call yours today, life’s true measure of your existence will be the impact you made.

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