TGIF: Ebola Native Doctor Joke

Ebola is a very serious disease. The seriousness of the threat an uncontrolled outbreak represents is very real. There has been a deluge of  all sorts of information and misinformation  going round social media and various platforms. This prompted me to write this article. I didn’t think I could find an Ebola joke funny until …

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TGIF: My Oga At The Top (VIDEO)

Hello! Been a long while since i posted anything here. Great to be back. This Friday let me entertain you with the video that video that spawned the #OgaAtTheTop movement. A remix has been done and is also below for your viewing pleasure. Have a great weekend. Original Video: Remix:

TGIF: The Devil is Wicked! (VIDEO)

Thank God it is Friday!. This skit makes me really laugh. The Devil is wicked. It is the “…blessing of the Lord that maketh rich without adding any sorrow (or battered head 😀 ) Feel free to share using the share buttons available. Wish you a wonderful and restful weekend. h/t: Bola Adenuga

TGIF: 25 divided by 5 is 14 (VIDEO)

Thank God it is Friday! Enjoy, like, and share.

TGIF: Peek-a-Boo# (VIDEO)

Happy Friday! I saw a T-shirt on a girl a while back. The caption on the front was very funny to me. It read “Stop looking here! My face is up” or something like that. It really made me laugh.  Because I know someone that frequently complains to me about a colleague at work. She …

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TGIF: Father-Daughter Digging It (VIDEO)

Thank God It’s Friday! Saw this sometime ago and was really tripped. A pity we don’t have such traditions in our marriage ceremonies in Africa.

TGIF: The Armless Carpenter

Thank God It Is Friday. Feeling down? Think you have no reason to be thankful? Meet Sintayehu Tishale an armless Ethiopian carpenter. Yes! You read it right. He has no arms and yet is a carpenter. He uses his feet to handle his tools and make furniture. He is making “something” from “nothing”. He’s lived …

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