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What you really need to know about Ebola

Wash your hands

It is no longer news that Ebola is in town. Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian diplomat on the 25th of July 214 became the first known case and mortality in Nigeria of the current Ebola Viral Disease outbreak in West Africa. As of today 13th of August 2014, there are 10 known cases of the disease …

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Ask Dr Adebayo: “Painful Breast Lump”

Dr Adebayo, I am 24 and have a lump under areola and it hurts and really hurts to the touch. I’ve had it for over a month now. What’s causing it cause I’m too young for menopause and I haven’t been breast feeding or pregnant for two yrs. I haven’t seen my period but not …

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What you should know about fever

One of the things we hope to achieve through this website it to increase the level of lay medical education on common health and medical issues. Research has shown that people tend to make better informed choices about their health if they have more information. This is also backed by common sense. It makes sense …

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Hand Washing

Hand washing: An easy way to prevent infection Hand washing is a simple habit, something most people do without thinking. Yet hand washing, when done properly, is one of the best ways to avoid colds, flu, poisoning, and diarrhea. This simple habit requires only soap and clean water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer — a …

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The world’s most mysterious substance

What is it the world’s most mysterious substance? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most mysterious substance in the world is very ubiquitous. It occupies over 70% of the earth’s surface area.  It accounts for over 60% of your body’s weight.  It indirectly represents the single largest cause of human morbidity and …

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When is the right time to treat Hepatitis?

Dr Adebayo, When is the right time to treat hepatitis? I mean, after first diagnosis? And where can it be treated in the country (Nigeria)? Kemi (Lagos) Dear Kemi, Thank you for your question. The term “Hepatitis” generally refers to  inflammation of the liver which be as a result of a number of causes – …

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Help. My friend has only one testicle

Dr. Adebayo, What can you say about males with one  testicle? I’ve heard stories on how a kidney can function well if  well-managed. Can one testicle function well as well?.  A guy has  been with one testicle for as long as he can remember. What are his chances? Concerned Guy Dear concerned guy. Thank your …

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