Help. My friend has only one testicle

Dr. Adebayo,

What can you say about males with one  testicle? I’ve heard stories on how a kidney can function well if  well-managed. Can one testicle function well as well?.  A guy has  been with one testicle for as long as he can remember. What are his chances?

Concerned Guy

Dear concerned guy.

Thank your for your question.

As you have rightly noted, when an organ occurs in pairs, survival and function can be preserved with only one. This is true for lungs, kidneys, ovaries and testicles. A man can have a normal sex life and father children with one testicle. There are a number of famous people who live(d) with only one testicle .Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are examples.

I would advise that your friend goes to see his doctor for a full evaluation. If the one testes he has is assessed to be normal, your friend should have entertain no fear. With his one testes, he can repopulate the world if necessary 🙂

Best regards

Dr Adebayo

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    • fisayo on November 17, 2011 at 2:45 pm
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    Hi Doc,

    In the course of my research on RH negative patients particulaly women, i found out that during pregnacy there is the danger of the mother’s body producing anti-bodies that automatically fights the baby’s cells thus resulting in abortion or death of foetus on delivery. however, i found out that with the introduction of Rhogam injection which can be applied twice; at 28 weeks and with in 72 hours after delivery this can be prevented.

    so my question is; is it advicable to take the injection after 28 weeks? is it safe for the baby if taken? and what are the possible side effects?

    thank you.

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