November 2011 archive

TGIF: Father-Daughter Digging It (VIDEO)

Thank God It’s Friday! Saw this sometime ago and was really tripped. A pity we don’t have such traditions in our marriage ceremonies in Africa.

Ask Dr. Adebayo: Please is Rhogam Safe?

Hi Doc, In the course of my research on RH negative patients particulaly women, i found out that during pregnacy there is the danger of the mother’s body producing anti-bodies that automatically fights the baby’s cells thus resulting in abortion or death of foetus on delivery. however, i found out that with the introduction of …

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TGIF: The Armless Carpenter

Thank God It Is Friday. Feeling down? Think you have no reason to be thankful? Meet Sintayehu Tishale an armless Ethiopian carpenter. Yes! You read it right. He has no arms and yet is a carpenter. He uses his feet to handle his tools and make furniture. He is making “something” from “nothing”. He’s lived …

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TGIF: Two types of churches by CD John (RIP)

Thank God it is Friday. Enjoy this funny skit by the late comedian CD John. His singing is really good!

Bullet Proof and Cheaper: Bottle Houses

This is interesting. Very interesting! Hundreds of people – including government officials and traditional leaders – have been coming to see how the walls are built in the round architectural shape popular in northern Nigeria. The bottles, packed with sand, are placed on their side, one on top of the other and bound together with …

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TGIF: Blind Date (VIDEO)

Thank God it is Friday. Have a great weekend.