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Myths About Stroke – World Stroke Day 2018

stroke day

  The Tech Age The tech-age hasn’t left my mum behind. She is right there in the mix of things. She is active on Facebook – where she frequently posts. Even though she’s not made a single post on her Instagram account, she has almost 100 followers and frequents the platform to know “wassup”. I …

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What you really need to know about Ebola

Wash your hands

It is no longer news that Ebola is in town. Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian diplomat on the 25th of July 214 became the first known case and mortality in Nigeria of the current Ebola Viral Disease outbreak in West Africa. As of today 13th of August 2014, there are 10 known cases of the disease …

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What you should know about fever

One of the things we hope to achieve through this website it to increase the level of lay medical education on common health and medical issues. Research has shown that people tend to make better informed choices about their health if they have more information. This is also backed by common sense. It makes sense …

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The world’s most mysterious substance

What is it the world’s most mysterious substance? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most mysterious substance in the world is very ubiquitous. It occupies over 70% of the earth’s surface area.  It accounts for over 60% of your body’s weight.  It indirectly represents the single largest cause of human morbidity and …

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The Myth of Abandonment

Health Myths For a while I couldn’t really understand why people get all frantic at the close of a year and the beginning of a new one. Resolutions (many soon forgotten and abandoned!) made; new hope kindled; joy, lightness and mirth abounding. It was all perplexing to me a particular time of the year would …

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Some health facts

Chronic disease is responsible for 60% of all deaths worldwide 80% of chronic disease deaths occur in low and middle income countries Almost half of chronic disease deaths occur in people under the age of 70 Around the world,chronic disease affects women and men almost equally The major risk factors for chronic disease are an …

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