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#BringBackOurGirls – Nigeria Needs Help


I have read several comments on social media making a case that President Jonathan should refuse to accept any help from United States in the bid to rescue the over 230 girls who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram since the 14th of April 2014. The expressed fears of the proponents (some of who are …

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Guest Post: A Tale of Two Governors by Paul Odafe Utho

The recent developments in the Nigeria polity makes one wonder if we are progressing or retrogressing and if we are living under a military regime or in a democratic dispensation. Military regimes are known for their obnoxious decrees & immovable decisions, irrespective of the feelings of the citizens and how it affects them. Rather than …

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Occupy Nigeria Protests: Hits and Misses

First a very Happy New Year to you. Great to be back to blogging! May all your breams and aspirations come to pass this year in Jesus name. Amen! After 6 working days of sustained nationwide strikes and street protests in Nigeria, the Labour movement caved in today and “suspended” their strike action. Here is …

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Nigerian oil pollution may need world’s biggest clean-up: UN

Hmm… Decades of oil pollution in Nigeria’s Ogoniland region may require the world’s biggest ever clean-up, the UN environmental agency said Thursday as it released a landmark report on the issue. The UN Environment Programme also called for the oil industry and the Nigerian government to contribute $1 billion to a clean-up fund for the …

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