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TGIF: Father-Daughter Digging It (VIDEO)

Thank God It’s Friday! Saw this sometime ago and was really tripped. A pity we don’t have such traditions in our marriage ceremonies in Africa.

TGIF: Two types of churches by CD John (RIP)

Thank God it is Friday. Enjoy this funny skit by the late comedian CD John. His singing is really good!

TGIF: Blind Date (VIDEO)

Thank God it is Friday. Have a great weekend.

TGIF: Offering time (VIDEO)

Thank God it is Friday! Offering time in this church is entertainment time. Enjoy!

TGIF: Protect Your Assets (VIDEO)

Enjoy! Have a splendid weekend.

TGIF: He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands (VIDEO)

Thank God it is Friday. God still has the whole world in His hands!

TGIF: Unwanted Help (VIDEO)

Another funny commercial. Have a great weekend 🙂

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