My Ten

In Wadi QeltLong time! Been away for far too long. Hopefully this will change with this post! I want to tell you about My Ten!

So where have I been all this while? I have been having a phenomenal experience studying in one of the best schools in the world with 21 people from 19 different countries! I have gone to see monuments thousands of years old. I have visited sites rich in history and culture. I have climbed mountains. Gone to the lowest place in the world. I have hiked in deserts and put my feet in the sea. I have visited seen tents and skyscrapers. I have been in Israel.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So as part of my work for the Jerusalem Media Syndrome workshop, I thought let me tell this story in a new way. I am trying to use just ten pictures(My Ten) to chronicle what has been a great experience. I tell you, it is not easy to select ten pictures from over one thousand pictures. These are My Ten. You can say this “My Ten” is just the beginning. There are many more pictures to share. I have fallen in love with storytelling photography. There are many beautiful sights to share. You can see some of mine (and many more to come) on Instagram. These are My Ten:

Connect with me on for more storytelling photography.

Where ever you are, whatever you do, wish you the very best!


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