#InspireMonday: Price of Indiscipline

War Against IndisciplineHappy Monday!

I want you to imagine for a moment you lived like a king-at-large. You are given about $80,000 (eighty thousand dollars) annually to spend on whatever you desire or choose without any need for explanation on what you used it for. Not withstanding this money, any entertainment expense you incurred, will be paid for. Any travel or hotel expenses you and your spouse incur anywhere in the world will also be paid for. Also, you and your family are not permitted to fly anything but first class whenever you travel on official duties (which is very often). You rub shoulders with those that matter in the world. Leaders of all nations in the world want to be your friend (or at least don’t want to be your enemy). Your words can crash economies and your favor can protect them. To compensate you for such enormous responsibilities, you are paid tax free almost $500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars) per annum. All this perks and income are recession-proof. Come rain, come shine, they are yours.

Very good? Well, it get’s even better. You are married to a rich heiress who is both beautiful and popular and let’s not forget rich. Very rich. So you drive exotic cars and have houses on various continents in the world. You also find yourself in the enviable position of being the “leader-in-waiting” of your nation. Opinion polls show you are set to win if an election took place today. Even before you declared your intent to contest, the people are already rooting for you.

Just when it seemed like nothing can go wrong, you lost everything overnight! You woke up in the luxury suite of one of the best hotels in the world one day and slept in a police cell that night. No it wasn’t due to enemies.  No, the devil also claimed his innocence. You lost it because of your lack of discipline and warped moral compass. You paid the price of indiscipline.

The picture I painted above is not fiction. Overnight, everything started to unravel for a man in this privileged position.. His name is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It all started with the allegation of sexual assault by Nafissatou Diallo a maid at the Sofitel New York Hotel on 14 May 2011. It became a case of he-said-she-said. DSK admitted “moral fault”  but denied rape. The charges were ultimately dismissed on account of discrepancies in the accuser’s testimony (he later settled a civil suit with Diallo). However, the damage was done. Other accusers came forward. Pimping, prostitution, orgies became the terms associated with his name in news stories. In February 2015, at one of the trials he is facing, DSK said his participation in orgies has been exaggerated. He said he only took part in 12 in about 3 years.

The price of indiscipline can be steep. Correct the “moral fault” today before it stops you. If you don’t stop sin, it will stop you.

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