Citizens Ballot Watch: Get Your Voice Heard

Citizens Ballot Watch

The significance of the fast approaching elections on the future and destiny of this nation cannot be overstated. Therefore any initiative that seeks to make exercise a success devoid of any malfeasance (and the subsequent violence we dread may occur following this) is a welcome development.

The mobile application Citizens Ballot Watch in my opinion, is a must have application for everyone in this election season. Via their mobile phones, the app gives every voter and citizen the ability to protect their vote and get their voices heard. You can in real time report the election results in your polling booth as well as upload pictures and videos you deem worthy of reporting. Reporters cannot be everywhere. “Election Monitors” will not see everything. They will not be able to capture all incidents¬† We no longer have to depend on this middlemen to know what is happening at all polling booths across the nation. We can now depend on each other to know what is happening across the entire federation via the Live Updates section.

Click here download the app now on your mobile device

Nigeria will live and not die.


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