What to do when a child is convulsing

If you see a child convulsing:

  • Don’t panic.
  • DO NOT try to force any thing into the child’s mouth
  • DO NOT put the legs or hands into fire
  • DO NOT urinate on the person’s face
  • DO NOT administer any concoction
  • Let the person lie flat on the floor and turn his/her head to turned to the left. This is to prevent the person from choking on his own tongue or vomit.
  • Try to keep the person  from harming himself by moving or removing dangerous objects

Take to the hospital as soon as possible

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  1. […] An unaddressed fever in a child can lead to convulsions (a condition known as febrile convulsions). These convulsions are attempts by the body to lower the markedly raised temperature of the child and can have untoward complications. Frequently, some complications in our environment are more commonly caused by attempted interventions by concerned (and frightened) caregivers to control or terminate the convulsions. Learn what to do when a child is convulsing here […]

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