Nov 11

TGIF: Two types of churches by CD John (RIP)

Thank God it is Friday. Enjoy this funny skit by the late comedian CD John. His singing is really good!

Nov 04

TGIF: Blind Date (VIDEO)

Thank God it is Friday. Have a great weekend.

Oct 28

TGIF: Offering time (VIDEO)

Thank God it is Friday! Offering time in this church is entertainment time. Enjoy!

Oct 14

TGIF: Protect Your Assets (VIDEO)

Enjoy! Have a splendid weekend.

Sep 30

TGIF: He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands (VIDEO)

Thank God it is Friday. God still has the whole world in His hands!

Sep 09

TGIF: Very Funny commercials (VIDEO)

Thank God It Is Friday! Wish you a great weekend ahead.

Sep 02

TGIF: The Sex Maniac

Thank God it is Friday! Every Friday I will be posting things I find interesting. I came across this a while back and couldn’t help laughing and also thinking. If you were “Dr. Ruth”, what advise will you give this woman?  

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