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Fever in Children

Children by their nature and by virtue of their level of maturity cannot articulate their complaints like an adult can. The presence or absence of Fever is  an important pointer for physicians on health state of a child. An unaddressed fever in a child can lead to convulsions (a condition known as febrile convulsions). These …

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From me to you: four tips to live long

As they say, “…life no get duplicate!”. Yet if you are like most people, you are probably living your life as if there is no tomorrow. Why do I say that? Ok let me ask you a question, when you were making New Year resolutions in January, what did you decide about one of your …

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6 things to reject!

No. 1 — Heart disease According to the American Heart Association, in 2004, over 410,000 men died of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in both sexes. Because men usually develop heart disease 10 to 15 years earlier than women do, they’re more likely to die of it in the prime of life. About …

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Preventing Constipation

The setting was the accident and emergency unit. The normal organized madness of the whole environment was playing itself out. There were broken heads that needed suturing; someone was rushed in unconscious; some people had beaten themselves up and wanted doctor’s report; groans and whimpers were intermittently uttered with a scream of agony now and …

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Antibiotic Abuse

The year was 1928. A British bacteriologist accidentally made a discovery that promised to change to whole world. His discovery? He discovered penicillin. Before this discovery, the outcome of persons with any infectious disease was very grave indeed. Plagues upon plagues ravished the communities at will and with multiple casualties. Sir Alexander Flemmings discovery of …

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What to do when a child is convulsing

If you see a child convulsing: Don’t panic. DO NOT try to force any thing into the child’s mouth DO NOT put the legs or hands into fire DO NOT urinate on the person’s face DO NOT administer any concoction Let the person lie flat on the floor and turn his/her head to turned to …

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