Aug 15

TGIF: Ebola Native Doctor Joke

Ebola is a very serious disease. The seriousness of the threat an uncontrolled outbreak represents is very real. There has been a deluge of  all sorts of information and misinformation  going round social media and various platforms. This prompted me to write this article. I didn’t think I could find an Ebola joke funny until …

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Aug 13

What you really need to know about Ebola

Wash your hands

It is no longer news that Ebola is in town. Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian diplomat on the 25th of July 214 became the first known case and mortality in Nigeria of the current Ebola Viral Disease outbreak in West Africa. As of today 13th of August 2014, there are 10 known cases of the disease …

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Jun 25

Prophetic Praise Night

Prophetic Praise Night

Prophetic Praise Night is here at last! I trust God to visit and bless His people. Spread the news. Hope to see you there! Shalom!

May 11

To all Mothers – Happy Mothers’ Day 2014

What is a mother?

To all Mothers’ out there, Happy Mothers’ Day 2014! Enjoy the timeless music of Prince Nico Mbarga- “Sweet Mother”.

May 08

#BringBackOurGirls – Nigeria Needs Help


I have read several comments on social media making a case that President Jonathan should refuse to accept any help from United States in the bid to rescue the over 230 girls who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram since the 14th of April 2014. The expressed fears of the proponents (some of who are …

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May 06

Jesus Still Saves

Jesus Still Saves

Some call him a good man; others, a prophet who lived long ago and is dead; to some others he is a scam or at the very best an enigma they don’t want to concern themselves with. Even amongst the people who are called by His name: Christians, He represents different things at different times. …

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Oct 07

A Tribute to Bobby

Bobola Kolawola

You have made the ultimate sacrifice. You were brutally murdered serving Nigeria.   I have many whys Why this tragedy? Why did you join the Nigeria Police Force after the very many years you labored to become a doctor? Why did they post you to Maiduguri? Why did the Boko Haram terrorists not spare you? …

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