TGIF: Ebola Native Doctor Joke

Wash your hands

Ebola is a very serious disease. The seriousness of the threat an uncontrolled outbreak represents is very real. There has been a deluge of  all sorts of information and misinformation  going round social media and various platforms. This prompted me to write this article.

I didn’t think I could find an Ebola joke funny until someone sent me this. My wife couldn’t stop laughing. I hope it brightens your day.

Please by 7am tomorrow, tie a plantain leaf around your waist and a red cloth on your head. Dance around a banana tree 5 times and say Ebolalala, Ebolababa, Ebolalala, Ebolababa, Ebelebe, Ebelebe, Ebelebe as a protection from Ebola virus. This message is from the Nigeria Association of Native Doctors.

Wish you a lovely and healthy weekend and remember that hygiene is key in preventing Ebola. Stop fear, promote vigilance!

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