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Aug 16

Hand Washing

Hand washing: An easy way to prevent infection Hand washing is a simple habit, something most people do without thinking. Yet hand washing, when done properly, is one of the best ways to avoid colds, flu, poisoning, and diarrhea. This simple habit requires only soap and clean water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer — a …

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Aug 08

Boost your productivity!

Health and productivity are intimately linked concepts. I wish more people realise this basic fact: You can’t be more productive than you are healthy. That may sound very cliché to you. But my experience has shown that many live as if this statement were not true. They simply ignore their health status and take it …

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Aug 03

The world’s most mysterious substance

What is it the world’s most mysterious substance? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most mysterious substance in the world is very ubiquitous. It occupies over 70% of the earth’s surface area.  It accounts for over 60% of your body’s weight.  It indirectly represents the single largest cause of human morbidity and …

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Jul 23

Fighting Fatigue

Have you ever woken up feeling very tired?! That statement seems like a contradiction. You will expect that after a full night’s rest, one should wake up fully invigorated and prepared to go through the day ahead. Yet, I woke up just feeling that way this morning! I woke up feeling very tired. For a …

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Jul 23

What you should know about kidney failure

13 year old Jide is in pains. His legs are swollen. He feels hot and cold intermittently. Food no longer gives him pleasure. He longer enjoys the cool embrace of a lovely night sleep. His parents have exhausted all their savings in their quest to getting a cure for his aliment. They have tried many …

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Jul 19

Achieving Intimacy in Your Marriage (Debunking 7 Myths) Part 2

4.       SheMyth: Men always want sex This is arguably a forgivable myth. You have probably heard it said time and time again, “…all men think about is sex”. So you have come to accept it as the truth. That may even be your experience as far as relationships with the opposite sex go. It may …

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Jul 18

Achieving Intimacy in Your Marriage (Debunking 7 Myths) 1

Please permit me to ask you a question: who was your very first instructor on sex? By instructor I mean the very first source that you could understand that opened your mind to what human sexual intercourse is all about.  Your parents? A cousin? A friend? A magazine? A movie? If you are like most …

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