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Dec 27

Ask Dr Adebayo: “Painful Breast Lump”

Dr Adebayo, I am 24 and have a lump under areola and it hurts and really hurts to the touch. I’ve had it for over a month now. What’s causing it cause I’m too young for menopause and I haven’t been breast feeding or pregnant for two yrs. I haven’t seen my period but not …

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Dec 05

“Help me! My manhood is small”

(Published with permission)   Dear Dr. Gbenga, Thanks for your insightful mail which I normally receive as a forward from one of your recipients. I have been able to learn some few things. Applying your recommendations has been very helpful to say the least. I want you to help me out on an issue, though …

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Jun 25

Will you eat a soup made from human placenta?

Waiting for your comments: After Wang Lan delivered, she brought home a baby girl and her placenta, which she plans to eat in a soup — adopting an age-old practice in Chinese traditional medicine. The health-giving qualities of placenta are currently creating a buzz in Western countries, where some believe it can help ward off …

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Oct 26

What you should know about diabetes mellitus

What is diabetes mellitus? Diabetes is a disease of the pancreas, an organ behind your stomach that produces the hormone insulin. Insulin helps the body use food(glucose) for energy. When a person has diabetes, the pancreas either cannot produce enough insulin, or the body uses the insulin incorrectly, or both. Insulin works together with glucose …

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Oct 12

What you need to know about breast lumps

It was her nightmare becoming a reality. She lost her mom to it. An aunt was also a victim. Now at 32 years old she had felt the lump. She feared it had came for her too. Thank God it was not so. The doctor said it was not! Today let’s look at a cluster …

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Sep 27

What you should know about fever

One of the things we hope to achieve through this website it to increase the level of lay medical education on common health and medical issues. Research has shown that people tend to make better informed choices about their health if they have more information. This is also backed by common sense. It makes sense …

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Aug 18

Insecticide treated nets increasing risks?

Really really bad news! 🙁 Mosquitoes can rapidly develop resistance to bed nets treated with insecticide, a study from Senegal says. In recent years the nets have become a leading method of preventing malaria, especially in Africa. In the Lancet Infectious Diseases, the researchers also suggest the nets reduced the immunity of older children and …

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